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Our mission

To enable global businesses to deliver world-class digital marketing in-house.

About us

Created by Croud, the award-winning digital marketing agency, Serpico gives your in-house team a competitive edge to transform your media operations, without the need for an agency.

Born out of the Croud team’s nine years of agency experience, Serpico gives marketers direct access to Croud’s sophisticated tools, technology, and global network of 2,400 on-demand digital experts. This, combined with the deep understanding and market knowledge of our expert in-housing consultants, offers marketers the flexibility and control they need to successfully de-risk their in-housing journey.

Serpico is a standalone division of Croud Inc Ltd, with a dedicated team and single-minded focus on delivering world-class in-housing.

Meet the team

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Ben Knight


/team/Luke-Smith.jpg icon

Luke Smith


/team/Jerry.jpeg icon

Jerry Buhlmann

Non Executive Chairman

/team/Richard-Holmes-edited icon

Richard Holmes


/team/Emil-headshot.jpg icon

Emil Bielski

Managing Director

/team/Sam.jpg icon

Sam Green

Director of Product

/team/katya-london.jpg icon

Katya Euser

Head of Product

/team/Alice-London.jpg icon

Alice Tomasevic

Senior Customer Success Manager

Any questions for the team? We'd love to hear from you.