In-house digital marketing.
Better. Faster. Easier.

Utilise the world's best tools and talent


Transform your marketing life.

Being an in-house marketeer is great – you know the brand, you know the company. But it has its difficulties. Pressure on resources, lack of automation, keeping up with best practices or even evaluating performance are all challenges preventing you from releasing your full potential. Serpico has the solution.

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Audit and know more about your campaigns.
All the time. In real time.

  • Constantly monitor campaign performance
  • Receive alerts if campaigns are underperforming
  • Get informed of opportunities as they happen
  • Prevent mistakes
  • Monitor competitors affecting your performance
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Benchmark yourself vs the competition


  • Track relative performance over time
  • See them changing bids on your keywords
  • Know your competitors strategies
  • Learn what is helping competitors succeed

Know what you should be doing next

  • Machine Learning recommendations engine
  • Enables prioritisation based on impact
  • Save hours of manual time
  • Right tasks in the right order
  • Data informed decision making
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And do way more

When you need it, tap into our network of over 2,000 highly trained individuals in 112 markets across 77 languages with specialisms including:

  • PPC campaign creation and management
  • Audience profiling and targeting
  • Keyword analysis and optimisation
  • External and internal site optimisation
  • Content capabilities

You'll be in great company