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Serpico by Croud empowers in-house teams to deliver world-class digital marketing, giving you direct access to the technology and global expertise of Croud, an award-winning digital agency.

How we help

Wherever you are on the roadmap to in-housing, Serpico by Croud offers flexible and scalable solutions designed to deliver world-class digital marketing operations in-house. Our consultants and proprietary processes will de-risk your journey to transformational marketing.

How we do it?

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In-housing consultancy & training

Our experts will help find the right model for you, ensuring the ability to deliver the most effective marketing, whilst enabling your team to upskill and grow.

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Technology partnerships

Our experts will help you to select and use the latest marketing technology products and Cloud services to their fullest potential - from Google Marketing Platform to Salesforce and Datorama.

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Automated PPC auditing

Through our market leading, PPC audit, we reveal the bidding strategies, audience targeting and optimal account settings to drive better paid search performance in your Google Ads account by checking millions of data points against more than 150 best practice rules.

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Self-serve access to specialists

Imagine having all the scale and expertise of a pool of 2,500, expertly curated, digital specialists, but with no contracts and the ability to flex resources up and down when you need it. Serpico by Croud gives advertisers just that.

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