We're a certified partner in Google Marketing Platform, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft, Datorama, Facebook, Salesforce and Amazon, as well as experts in all key martech platforms.

Our experts have the skills and know-how needed to provide technology-agnostic consultancy and training, helping you to get the most out of the latest marketing technology products and Cloud services.

Our areas of expertise

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Our experienced team provides the expertise and skills needed to get the most out of the full Google Marketing Platform stack - from search and display to creative and analytics.

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The team at Serpico will get you up and running on Google Cloud Platform with your own Projects and cloud assets, putting you in control of your customers’ data.

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Our platform-certified team of analysts will help turn your data into a valuable business asset, delivering user-friendly dashboards that help track progress and aid decision-making.

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Our certified consultants will help you to develop Salesforce as a key component of your in-house sales, service and marketing operations.

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We help ensure you own your content, tell a consistent brand story, improve return on advertising spend, and maximise your sales.

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As a Facebook Premium Marketing Partner, we’ll ensure ownership, integrations and activation are set up with your long-term objectives in mind.

A flexible partnership with Serpico

We offer a completely customised and flexible service, helping you to get the most out of the full suite of our tech partners. Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end managed service, or simply want access to the technology, we’ll design a flexible solution that meets your business needs.

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Tech auditing

Our experienced consultants will look at your current stack objectively, and make recommendations, in the context of your business, including rationale and cost/benefit analysis.

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Requirements & vendor selection

We’ll help you gather and develop technology requirements from your teams, and enable you to make the right choice for your business.

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Platform implementation

We’ll get you set up on the new platform, offering recommendations for improvements and avoiding any interruption in your marketing performance.

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Custom data management & integration

We’ll design the management and integration solutions to enable market-leading data activations in your campaigns, enabling you to harness your sharpest competitive edge.

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Digital analytics & audience development

Our experienced consultants will design and implement tracking solutions for web and apps, and can support you in analysing user data and defining valuable audiences.

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Marketing effectiveness

We’ll work with you to develop a measurement framework that’s connected directly with your business objectives, incorporating a range of techniques - from data-driven attribution to media mix modelling.

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Prediction, customer insight & recommendation

We can develop and deliver machine learning models that continuously learn and adapt, enabling us to predict propensity to convert; lead quality; and customer lifetime value.

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Tech resale, management & training

Our partnerships allow us to sell ad tech and data platforms - including Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform - at competitive rates and with access to unparalleled support and resources.

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