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Serpico’s PPC audit runs an analysis of your Google Ads account and gives you personalised recommendations on how to maximise your performance. By identifying wasteful spend and spotting new opportunities, Serpico can save you time, money and stress. Start your 7-day free trial today.

Things to know: You’ll start on a no commitment free trial. Our audit is read-only and no changes are made to your data. We take your privacy seriously, and you can close your account at anytime.


Save 10 human hours every week


AI-driven automated analysis


ROI-driven recommendations


No changes made to your data

Why use Serpico?

Maximise opportunities, minimise mistakes

Weekly automated audits and our AI-driven smart planner ensure you identify underperforming campaigns and maximise opportunities at speed.

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ROI-focused recommendations

Our technology will prioritise recommendations from the audit based on the predicted impact it will have on your performance. So you’ll know exactly where to start to ensure you spend your time in the right areas.

Customised alerts & monitoring

With the ability to configure your settings and tailor your daily email alerts, you can quickly pinpoint areas dragging down your campaigns. Our audit feature allows you to continually measure performance, giving you total control so you never miss an opportunity.

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