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Instantly better search

Serpico’s PPC audit tells you how to improve the health of your Google Ads account and alerts you when things go wrong with your campaigns, saving you time, money and stress.

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Save 10 human hours every week


Improve your ROI with precision


Stress-free campaign monitoring


No changes made to your data

Unleash the power of Serpico on your Google Ads campaigns

Implementation, not investigation

Forensic analysis of millions of data points
Save days of team time every month
Understand how you're really performing
Pinpoint areas dragging down your campaigns
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ROI-focused recommendations

Know exactly what you should be doing next
Prioritise your work by predicted impact
Deliver ROI improvements with precision
Never waste valuable team time

Channel specific insight

Search, shopping, display and video
Focus on areas of strategic importance
Compare each channel's health
Identify channel opportunities
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Stress-free campaigns

See personalised KPIs in real time
Prevent mistakes and discover opportunities
Know when campaigns are underperforming
Set email alerts to spot problems quickly

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