Your tech, your way

Serpico offers the flexibility to utilise the Google Marketing Platform in whichever way suits your business. Whether it's full campaign management, a guiding hand or just the tech setup, we’re here to help you take advantage of the technology that can enhance your marketing.


The options


In-housing solutions

We offer the services, support and guidance you need to transition from fully agency-managed to 100% in-house. We'll guide you through the tech and account setup, the planning and documentation, and the training you'll need to launch with supercharged campaigns.


Self serve tech

If you choose to launch with us through using our self serve tech, we can help you get set up and are on hand for tech support whenever you need it.



We provide hands on training tailored to your requirements, one-to-one or in groups, and are always on hand to help with any queries along the way, long after your training has finished.


Business insight & consultancy

There are always data questions to be answered when you’re measuring success, and we can help answer them through bespoke data solutions with automated reports. Also, when you need further expertise with a business challenge or specific part of your campaign, you can use our team of qualified experts.