Best in class PPC technology & management for maximum performance

Search Ads 360 (SA360) is a platform where you can efficiently and effectively manage your search campaigns from multiple search engines, all on one platform. It allows you to get the most from your search campaign data by helping you manage and respond to an ever-changing market in real time and at scale.


Product overview


Advanced Automation & Management

With automation features such as rules and scheduled edits, you can automatically change campaign status, update your ad copy, pause certain keywords and generally ensure your account responds immediately to certain changes 24/7.


Advanced Campaign Optimisation

You can set up bid strategies with a variety of different goals that are important to you - from maximising conversions, managing your CPL, hitting your ROI target, or even ensuring your budget is met. You can also apply bid strategies across these campaigns to maximise performance.


Feed Automation & Inventory Management

You can use a feed to generate campaigns, ad groups, ad copy, keywords and site links. Once you connect your inventory feed to SA360 with all the relevant information, SA360 will automatically generate and update your campaigns to reflect product offerings, and ensure your campaigns always reflect your latest inventory.


Insights to make informed business decisions

SA360 allows you to upload offline conversion data from your business, as well as making use of various attribution tools that go beyond the basics. This enables you to understand how and where to invest your marketing budget to maximise performance.


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