The business insight tool to help you scale

Analytics 360 (GA360) is the advanced analytics platform that allows you to see the bigger picture, with unsampled data and an array of tools at your disposal to track and analyse website traffic.

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Product overview


Unsampled data

The standard model may indeed give you a glimpse into the customer journey; a snapshot of what the entire experience might be like for your customer. Yet with Analytics 360, all the data is unsampled, refreshing within 4 hours, giving you the bigger picture and the entire experience at your fingertips, in order to help you make great business decisions for both your brand and the customer.


Native integrations

Analytics 360 can also plug you directly with your other ad tech platforms, such as AdWords and DV360, along with additional data sources, such as your CRM platform. Optimise your multi-channel funnels by evaluating and assessing across platforms in one place. You can also see impressions of the ad and not just clicks, resulting in more accurate ROI.


Pull and extract hit level data

Analytics 360 gives you access to Big Query, which allows you to extract hit level data, rather than just a summary on the standard model, where it is session-orientated. Analytics 360 is able to dissect every single interaction a customer makes, making it easier and quicker to understand the customer journey.


Advanced analysis

You can also create custom funnels and more intricate pivot tables, with a user-friendly interface. On the standard model, funnels can only be created for goals, whereas on Analytics 360 they can be created for a variety of different things, from an event to a page.


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