Tailored solutions for Display & Video 360

Setup for the smartest data-driven execution, insight and management. We’re here to help you use unlock the potential of Display & Video 360 (DV360) and enhance your biddable media campaigns. From initial setup to get you started on your programmatic journey, through to full management, Serpico offer the flexibility to help you make the most of this incredible technology.


Your tech your way


Self Serve Tech

If you’re familiar with all the benefits of DV360 and just want to take advantage of the platform, you can. We can grant you full access to the platform allowing you to setup and manage media buying however you see fit, taking advantage of what DV360 has to offer.


Initial Setup

If you want to manage bid yourself but need a hand getting things set up, our dedicated implementation team are experts in getting things up and running, so we can take away that stress and get you started in no time.

Our dedicated team will cover off a wide range of on-boarding steps from account integration to custom conversion metrics, ensuring that optimal settings are in place from the start.


Display & Video 360 Manual Audits

If you have your campaigns up and running but are not sure if you’re making the most of the tech, our dedicated team can conduct comprehensive reviews of your activity from top down, to see if there’s any room to improve set up and if there are features you could be taking advantage of.

Our reviews are conducted on-demand and checks everything from key account structure to optimisation measurement.



Whether you require bespoke training sessions for your entire marketing team or ad hoc advice on how to get the most out of the platform, our training team have it covered.

We can come to your office or host within our headquarters to cater for your needs.



Instant reporting (widget-based UI) for topline reporting metrics.

Offline reporting: standard reports, audience composition reports, floodlight reports, inventory availability, reach and TrueView reporting.


In-housing solutions

We offer the services, support and guidance you need to transition from fully agency-managed to 100% in-house. We'll guide you through the tech and account setup, the planning and documentation, and the training you'll need to launch with supercharged campaigns.