Setup for the smartest data-driven execution, insight and management

Display & Video 360 (DV360) is the programmatic buying platform you need. Through ad exchanges you can access display inventory to bid, target, and optimise your campaigns, accurately and effectively.


Product overview


A demand-side buying platform made easier

DV360 have recently launched a new storytelling feature that enables a simplified process to serve sequential targeting. Not only that, but it also gives you hints and recommendations with an algorithm that can tell when a particular element of your campaign may be taking a dip.


Granular audience segment options like no other

Use the insightful premade custom audience by DV360 or build your own audience from scratch using the platform. Either way, their audience segments make targeting both insightful and effective.


Premium video inventory access

Brand-safe programmatic video inventory is accessible on DV360 through TrueView. Measure impact through running brand lift surveys and enhance awareness through this platform. You may also wish to auction privately, giving select buyers an advantage in auction buys and more control.


Auto-bidding performance strategies at your fingertips

Auto-bidding performance strategies improve performance, are more efficient, and give you more time to focus on making big strategy changes. Auto-bidding also makes non-linear optimisations, which are almost impossible to replicate manually. They take into account auction dynamics, so you pay the correct price based on historical data. This is important, as a lot of exchanges are moving to a First Price Auction, without declaring it.


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