Make smarter business decisions with beautiful data storytelling

You have all the data you need, but you don’t know how to visualise it. That’s where Data Studio comes in - it can extract data from a huge variation of platforms, and transform it into a multitude of different graph and chart options at your disposal. Easy to create and share with your teams, Data Studio is the answer to beautiful data storytelling.


Product overview


Powerful visualisations

Tell your data story as effectively as possible through Data Studio’s vast range of tools. We can help you to position the data, and create impactful and interactive dashboards to help build your stories.


Easy to use from the outset

Data Studio uses a simple click-and-point interface to build your visualisations, with no coding required. Navigate the platform easily and quickly, to create your data story in no time.


Data connecting

You can import data from an extensive list of platforms to tell your story across channels and campaigns.


Share and collaborate

Once you've created a dashboard you can easily share it with individuals, teams or the world. You can even allow colleagues and partners to edit your dashboard to work on it collaboratively.


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