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Product overview


Cloud Computing

Google Cloud allows you to run and manage Virtual Machines on demand. You can activate as many machines as you like, have them run for as long as you need to and then shut them down as soon as the job is done. This eliminates operational overhead in comparison to having physical machines on-premise.


File Storage

Google Cloud offers a variety of file storage solutions for any purpose. Whether you need files to be highly accessible via a single unified API, or whether you want to store vast quantities of files in an archive or as a backup.


Big Data

Google Cloud has an extensive list of tools to enable the collection, processing and uncovering of insights from Big Data. You can use fully-managed products to build a serverless data infrastructure. In addition, products such as DataFlow enable the development of streaming and batch data pipelines.


Artificial Intelligence

Get support with machine learning models that can work for your business. Available through the Cloud using Google’s own solution, Tensorflow or any other popular frameworks, such as Sci-kit Learn. You can productionise your models with Cloud ML Engine, allowing others to use the model via an API.


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