Tailored solutions for Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is the hub of the Google Marketing Platform that unifies your marketing in one place. From initial setup with a bespoke floodlight tracking review through to full GA360 integration and management, Serpico offer the flexibility to help you.

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Your tech your way


Self Serve Tech

If you’re familiar with all the benefits of Campaign Manager and just want to take advantage of the platform, you can. We can grant you full access to the platform allowing you to setup and start importing campaigns however you see fit, taking advantage of what Campaign Manager has to offer


Initial Setup

If you want to launch Campaign Manager yourself but need a hand getting things set up, our dedicated implementation team are experts in getting things up and running, so we can take away that stress and get you started in no time

Our dedicated team will cover off a wide range of on-boarding steps from tracking to using the ad server, ensuring that optimal settings are in place from the start.


Manual Audits

  • Floodlight tagging structure review
  • Checks to ensure floodlight tracking is working correctly
  • Association between campaign manager and Google Marketing Platform
  • Campaign structure best practices



Whether you require bespoke training sessions for your entire marketing team or ad hoc advice on how to get the most out of Campaign Manager, our training team have it covered.

We can come to your office or host within our headquarters to cater for your needs.



  • Floodlight Impressions Report - always useful for when on-boarding new clients to check FLT implementation
  • Custom Variables - Stacks of extra data available to be reported on outside of what the tags collect by default
  • Multi-channel reporting - e.g programmatic activity, paid social (if using click trackers), 3rd party campaigns (if using embedded tags) for example
  • Standard reporting across all main metrics with the ability to report data from all platforms within the 360 suite