Creative management and advanced marketing measurement under one roof

Campaign Manager is the core tracking and execution hub for the Google Marketing Platform. It is the one source of truth for your campaigns, working with Analytics 360 to tie in all your data sources both online and offline. Connecting Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360 together, Campaign Manager is the backend tool for unified tracking, reporting and creative housing.


Product overview


Unified reporting in one place

On Campaign Manager, your data is embedded onto one platform, to help you plan, execute and evaluate your display campaigns at ease.


Effective measurement tools

With Campaign Manager, you can integrate numerous devices, implement floodlights and tracking to use real time data to target your audience as accurately as possible.


Creative storage and organisation

House all of your creative assets in one place with Campaign Manager. Easy to use and organise, campaign manager is an effective tool for creative management.


Studio integration

Not only can you plan your campaigns on Campaign Manager, you can adjust key functions like frequency of views and sequential messaging to test and learn for performance. Automation renders the most suitable creative to each ad slot as standard, so your creative always looks on point.


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