Case Study : Victoria's Secret

Using automated bid strategies to boost reach for Victoria's Secret

How our team used DV360's 'Minimise CPA' bid strategies to increase reach, without increasing spend


The challenge
Our team is always looking for ways to increase reach for Victoria's Secret, without increasing spend, so was keen to test out the new 'Minimise CPA' capability in DV360.

The approach
We compared results between a line item that used a fixed bidding strategy and a line item that used DV360's new 'Minimise CPA' automated bidding capabilities. After a successful testing phase, a 'Minimise CPA' goal was rolled out across all line items in the UK, then, after further testing, across all European markets.

The results
CPC decreased 71% during the automated bidding period compared to the fixed bid period. CPMs also reduced by 65%. The traffic-to-site increased by 148%, despite spending 28% less.

PPC - transform.png