Case Study : The AA

Managing rapidly changing inventory in search for The AA

How inventory managed campaigns enabled The AA's paid search ads to quickly respond to stock availability, driving 90% more conversions


The challenge
With AA car listings forever changing and the turnover of vehicles so fast, a PPC campaign that reacted quickly to ensure accuracy was the objective.

The approach
Inventory managed campaigns were implemented within SA360, allowing The AA's paid search to reflect the significant number of makes, models and variations available. Paid search ads quickly responded to stock availability, and product details could be updated in real time, whilst new stock could be automatically covered in PPC campaigns, with keywords and ad copy being quickly generated from the feed.

The results
As well as improving accuracy, with elements such as price, mileage and fuel type always reflecting the latest available data, inventory managed campaigns also enjoyed a 54% higher click-through rate and 90% higher conversion rate than standard traffic.

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