Case Study : Skrill

Supercharging prospecting strategies through automated bidding

How we maximised Skrill's brand reach and maintained low costs-per-action with automated bidding, leading to a 138% uplift in conversions

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The challenge
Payments provider Skrill is always looking for ways to stand out and tap into new audiences, whilst maintaining efficiency in its paid media spend and keeping costs down.

The approach
We implemented DV360's new 'Minimise CPA' automated bidding capabilities across prospecting strategies. To ensure costs-per-action (CPAs) didn't inflate upon making this change, thorough performance checks were carried out regularly. The testing phase successfully completed, this new strategy was scaled out across markets.

The results
CPMs were reduced by 78%, with over 62% more impressions delivered for 64% less spend. The average daily conversions increased by 138%, leading to a CPA reduction of over 66%.

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