Case Study : Hiscox

Driving growth in core audiences for Hiscox using business data

How optimising keywords towards core audiences on a daily basis using Google Analytics data led to a 17% increase in quotes for Hiscox


The challenge
Insurance provider Hiscox's core audience can be defined in a myriad of ways, so we wanted to gather the essential tactical audience data required to better understand our client's audience and drive growth.

The approach
Using analysis conducted across Google Ads and Google Analytics, the team were able to gain a better understanding of Hiscox's core audience - from the keywords they search for, to their job titles.

We then used SA360's business data and custom columns to import this analysis into the Hiscox platform, providing them with the tactical data needed to get results.

The results
Using the business data collected from the in-depth analysis, we were able to supercharge performance and drive 17% more core quotes year on year for Hiscox.

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