Industry and best in class benchmarking

Release your business opportunity

Independent data-driven automated Paid and Organic Search audits for the transparency you need. Know at any given time the return you can generate for your media investment should best in class practices be utilised on your accounts.

Overcome legacy setup

Whether it is your website infrastructure or your Google Ads setup, Serpico’s auditing tools flag issues and potential drawbacks from improper legacy setup that may hinder your performance. The tools create a clear list of priorities and actions you can take in order to amend them.


Drive accountability and performance

Know whether your agency or your in-house teams are performing according to the industry standard with Serpico’s fully automated independent auditing and benchmarking tools.
The tools evaluate the setup and performance of your digital media account on over 134 data points, while benchmarking you against the industry and the best in class.

The areas for improvement are priorities for you through machine-learned algorithms that focus on the impact and return of investment. All results are recorded on a continuous basis so you can see the impact of the undergone activities.
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You'll be in great company