Get further faster, with AMP

53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. No one can afford to lose half their mobile traffic, and we work with businesses to help ensure site speed is not a conversion blocker, leveraging the AMP HTML framework. Whether you choose AMP for your entire website or only key landing pages, Serpico’s experienced team will work closely with you to make the best out of AMP and ensure the ultimate user journey for your customers.


Solutions overview


Landing pages

When putting together your landing pages, we use the latest AMP features and technologies - including ‘dns-prefetch’, ‘preconnect’ and WebP (including fall-back) images - to ensure features such as images, video content, and carousels load in an instant.


AMP stories

Good storytelling cannot be accomplished without impeccable visuals that bring the story together. Using our in-house creative team, we’ll help you create the right assets and tell your brand story in a visually compelling way through AMP stories.


AMP creative

You never want your creative display advertisement to load more slowly than the page it's on. Our expert team knows how to make your creative stand out and be as effective as possible, using AMP Ads.


AMP email

Emails are one of the toughest mediums to attract consumers, and you make it twice as tough to get their attention if the email takes too long to open. Our team will help you get the most out of AMP email, boosting both speed and user interaction.


Why use Serpico for AMP?


Extensive AMP experience

At Serpico, we have extensive experience in creating and optimising AMP assets, including A/B testing, AMP validation, troubleshooting and analytics implementation. Our intricate understanding of AMP means we consistently deliver AMP pages that receive a Lighthouse score of over 90, representing industry-leading performance.


Expertise in the latest technologies

We pride ourselves on understanding the latest front-end web development technologies, including AMP. To improve the user’s experience further, we also make sure that we utilise the latest developments, such as ‘dns-prefetch’, ‘preconnect’ and WebP (including fall-back) images.


Cross-channel coordination

Our technical SEO experience and extensive work with developers, combined with our experience in most content management systems (CMS), means we can work closely with your team to implement AMP pages within the CMS of your choice. Our cross-channel expertise also means we can ensure pages are fully optimised.


In-house creative team

For more creative assets, such as Stories and AMP Ads, we have a dedicated in-house creative team to support with the right assets, as well as providing insights into how to tell the story in a visually compelling way, driving improved performance for your business.


SEO expertise

AMP improves and boosts overall digital performance, and we often see a positive impact on search marketing from enhanced AMP. Due to our extensive experience in SEO, we are able to review how Google indexes your AMP assets, ensuring that each page is allowed to be indexable and the full benefits of AMP can be had.


Bespoke analytics & tracking

Our Analytics team is experienced in advising how analytics should be implemented such that it doesn’t behave unexpectedly upon successful indexation of the AMP pages, allowing cross-domain analytics to be set up and linked seamlessly without any disruption, meaning you’ll have access to the most useful and beneficial data.